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PORTACC in Angola

Client: Shipyard
Country: Angola
Produkty: REXON ERA 3


COMINFO has supplied two portable containers with 6 units of Rexon ERA 3 turnstiles in Angola. 

Both containers are placed side by side, and the guard sits inside the guardhouse so he can control both containers through the windows installed on the wall of each PORTACC. The guardhouse is equipped with two extra fixed windows for more lightness inside. Two Touch Panels were installed on the table of the guardhouse and ACS software will be installed on the guard’s computer, so he can operate all REXON turnstiles remotely. Since this installation is near the sea, both containers underwent a special anticorrosive treatment. Both containers are equipped with forklift pockets for better handling of the containers at the time of installation. All entrance doors were equipped with electrical roller shutters. In case of a blackout all electrical roller shutters are backed up by batteries. There are ENTRY/EXIT symbols on the roof of each container, so the crane man knows how to position the PORTACC correctly at the time of lifting/lowering them.  

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