KTW Building

Client: TDJ Estate
Country: Katowice, Poland
Products: EasyGate Elite


Installation of customized EasyGate Elite speed gates in a new office building in Katowice in Poland. This building is characterized by exceptional design and functional technical solutions developed with users comfort and environmental protection in mind. 

We have proposed 3 lanes of the customized EasyGate Elite speed gate for this project. The project was prepared on a special order on the basis of the EasyGate Elite model which was customized due to the architect’s vision. The EasyGate Elite cabinets were designed in minimalist style and in an elegant black colour. The cabinets are without any plinths and visible joints of materials with black painted side infill panels, black painted front and top glass panels and with lift control panels integrated into the cabinet’s edges with black Corian cladding on sides. 

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