EasyGate SPA in OC Golden Apple in Zlín

Operators of the Golden Apple mall in Zlín installed EasyGate SPA with a payment terminal on the toilets to cover the costs for water, cleaning and wear and tear of the sanitary equipment. The toilets were often used not only by mall visitors but also by passers-by from the square outside the mall. The investment into the turnstile has long since paid off.

Golden Apple
Czech Republic

Premium quality turnstiles


Operators of the mall have chosen EasyGate SPA turnstiles, which are ideal for such premises thanks to their drive mechanism featuring a service life of over 20 million cycles. Two swing wings with 10mm tempered glass, glazed side panels, and a brushed stainless steel structure provide an unobtrusive design with a high level of security, as well as barrier-free access.

The turnstile is also equipped with 30 pairs of optical sensors that reliably detect any attempted unauthorized access. This eliminates so-called tailgating, i.e., when an unauthorized person tries to walk through the turnstile by closely following an authorized person. This means that a group of five won't be able to enter if they only pay once.

Both cash and cashless payments


To ensure the comfort of the mall visitors, EasyGate SPA offers two payment methods. Visitors can choose between a classic coin and a contactless terminal for payments by card, mobile phone, or smartwatch. The screen guides the visitor and informs them about the payment options and successful payments.

The turnstile is additionally equipped with an RFID reader, allowing employees to view, e.g., financial reports directly on the screen. Contactless cards are also used by cleaning or service staff.


EasyGate SPA

EasyGate SPA

COMINFO´s cutting-edge, premium paid access solution is perfectly geared towards premises with a high velocity of customers. It is build on advanced speed-gate technology coupled with intuitive payment system, which creates a product that accelerates and facilitates purchasing process and offers superior security.

In light of ever-increasing demands for uncomplicated and convenient access control, EasyGate SPA offers smooth and user-friendly interface and compatibility with several payment methods.

Whilst enhancing the visitor experience, our premium solution also provides the highest levels of security. High-precision optical sensors combined with quickreaction glass barriers ensures that unauthorized persons cannot access secured area. Besides mitigating attempts to climb over, EasyGate SPA also eliminates possible tailgating threats. Well-though out construction of turnstile motor guarantees reliability and long service life.


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