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Monitor live occupancy levels in your premises

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COMINFO People Flow Management offers an innovative solution for live monitoring and regulating occupancy limits within a given area. Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, a number of health and safety measures are sought to be implemented in order to mitigate possible cross-contamination in retail stores, workplaces and other public places. Our solution helps businesses to comply with social distancing rules.


  • Tracking and managing occupancy levels within a given area
  • Mitigating risk to your visitors and employees
  • Easy and quick installation to a full range of COMINFO turnstiles


The application offers a simple configuration with the option to display maximum and current occupancy levels, visual warnings, notifications and other variables. Live occupancy data are clearly presented to staff members on a dashboard available in your browser and on a stand-alone display to provide information to people entering the area on whether they can enter or not.


  • Light and dark mode, vertical and horizontal setup
  • Option to display chosen text and company logo
  • Option to choose whether to display number of visitors, number of available spots or both


Our solution helps businesses to comply with social distancing rules by analyzing how many people are inside a monitored area and allows to display a free capacity to your staff and visitors in real-time.

It is designed to be easily and quickly installed to a full range of Cominfo turnstiles. High accuracy of monitoring is ensured with our precise build-in optical sensors which control the number of people who are passing through the turnstile. Once the occupancy threshold is met, the system will not allow an entrance until the number of people decreases.


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