LiftCall mini

COMINFO LiftCall mini enables to connect security gates with a destination control system for elevators to increase the overall security in the building while optimizing people flow.

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In contemporary buildings, people need to be able to move around quickly and comfortably. On the other hand, several security measures have to be taken that help curbs unauthorized access. 

Integration of LiftCall mini with an elevator destination system further increases the security capacity of speed gates while it ensures smooth movement of passengers through the lobby to the final destination.


  • Reduces crowding both in the lobby and inside the elevator car
  • Improved building security while maintaining smooth people flow
  • Clear and understandable directional guidance
  • Seamless integration into the full range of COMINFO speed gates


Passanger presents an access card

An elevator designation on display

Quick and comfortable entrance

Improved building security

The destination control system combined with COMINFO´s speed gates further enhances building security, and at the same time, maintains smooth people flow.

With LiftCall mini, elevator calls take place while presenting the access card at one of the security gates. Therefore, it is ensured that passengers have proper credentials before boarding the elevator car.

User-friendly operation and seamless integration

LiftCall mini features clear and understandable directional guidance on which elevator is assigned to the passenger.

It can be seamlessly flush-mounted under the top of the speed gate cabinet. The ingenious placing of the technology is possible even in COMINFO´s ultra-slim speed gates.


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