Smart Ticketing

Versatile access control solution that supports multiple verification methods
and adapts to specific environments and applications in the leisure industry.

The miniTicket solution combines industry-leading access control reader EasyScan W and an access control unit integrated with client-based ticketing systems through COMINFO´s communication interface to deliver a reliable ticketing solution. The control unit allows controlling even up to four EasyScan W readers.

  • Both EasyScan W and an access control unit are well protected against the environments with an IP65, respectively IP55 rating
  • EasyScan W smart readers feature LED and acoustic signalization that informs about the status of entry events
  • EasyScan W/RFID reader supports both high (13.56 MHz) and low (125 kHz) frequencies
  • Optional ArenaAccess communication protocol ensures continued credentials verification in the case of the main ticketing server malfunction or loss of connection

Interface options


COMINFO offers either a standard interface for direct online communication with the client´s ticketing application server or ArenaAccess communication protocol that runs independently on the ticketing server and ensures continued credentials verification in the case of technical issues.



EasyScan W


A multi-technology smart reader that offers a versatile approach to access control. The standard version allows scanning credentials through a built in 1D & 2D barcode scanner. The scanner is optimized for any smartphone screen. The advanced EasyScan W/RFID access reader supports RFID technology.


  • Seamless integration with third-party systems and hardware

  • Integrated LED and acoustic signalization

  • Customized, modern and sleek design 
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