Automatic contactless temperature screening
Maximum occupancy counting system
World-unique touchless operation for tripod and full-height turnstiles

COMINFO turnstiles and speed gates are not only about security, but they also focus on the health and safety aspects of your premises.


Standard authorization method as RFID card, fingerprint reader or face recognition can be upgraded by new Cominfo features:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Contactless measurement of human body temperature
  • Touchless operation

Moreover, in case of dangerous situation an alarm tone from Tmon software or alarm signal for 3rd party system can be generated.


Automated contactless body temperature measurement is available in two different versions:

  • Thermal camera
  • Wrist temperature sensor


Thermal Camera Detection

Thermal camera is not used as a facial recognition system but very precise, convenient and fast detection of human body temperature.

This camera scanning a passage sector without any stopping or slowing down during the passage. This means keeping high throughput even in rush hours.


Thermal camera can simultaneously scan up to 3 passage lanes.                                


Technical details:

  • Verification time: 20 ms • Camera fixing: on cabinet or on ceiling of entrance hall
  • Max. reading distance: 20 m • System accuracy: ± 2%


Wrist Temperature Detection

Another way of measurement of human body temperature can be provided by using a wrist temperature sensor.

A wrist temperature sensor can be implemented into the top lid or front cover of a „leg“ of EasyGate cabinet.

Implementation of this sensor is available for new installations and retrofi tting too.

Confi guration and reporting

A very easy switch on/off of wrist temperature sensor is ensured via confi guration software.

Alarm signal informing about high human body temperature can be shown in Tmon software as well as sent to 3rd party system.


Technical details:

  • Verification time: 25 ms • Max. reading distance: 10 cm • System accuracy: ± 1,5%

Take the advantage of touchless turnstiles! 

Cominfo full-height turnstiles (REXON) and tripods (BAR) can be equipped with a movement detector for touchless operation.

Once authorized passenger is detected in passage sector, the tripod arm (BAR turnstile) or revolving barrier (REXON turnstile) starts to move automatically.

This means no more touching or pushing a turnstile during passage!


REXON touchless

Retrofi tting of touchless feature is available for any of already installed REXON turnstiles.

All you need is to mount a movement detector with a bracket on the frame of the turnstile and update its firmware.


BAR Touchless

Touchless feature is available only for new turnstiles.

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