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SI::LOCKER is designed as a battery-operated smart lock with high security standards without need of wiring. The RFID Locker locks provide easy-to-use access control for any types of locker where comfortable and safe locking is desired.

This lock is universally used on any types of doors for lockers, safes, cabinets and other applications. It is universal for left and right doors and SI::LOCKER has fast and easy installation.

  • Intuitive graphic design with LED lights which displays operation status
  • Encode RFID cards quickly and easily
  • Facilitate easy one-hand locking / unlocking
  • SI::LOCKER Manager controlling software application (e.g. central management, history reports, power management)


  • Only motor-driven locker lock worldwide
  • Internal battery with long lifetime
  • Very quiet and smooth operation

Three operation modes

  • WELLNESS – a visitor can select any free locker available
  • FITNESS – a locker is assigned only to one specified visitor
  • FAMILY FITNESS – this mode is extension of Fitness mode. It is possible to release more cards to one lock in Fitness configuration.


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