Magnetic Direct Drive

Maintenance-free motor with an extremely long lifetime (20 million MCBF), quiet operation, and adjustable speed and torque

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The Magnetic Direct Drive motor (MDD) is a unique brushless motor developed and patented by COMINFO and designed especially for access control industry applications such as turnstiles, speed gates, immigration gates, and self-boarding gates.


  • Designed for more than 20 million cycles
  • Superb dust and humidity resistance
  • Adjustable motor speed and torque
  • Very fast acceleration and deceleration

Maintenance-free motor

Quietest motor in the industry

Patented technology


Durable and quiet


This unique motor is the best choice for installations with a high flow of people like office buildings, metro stations, railway stations, or airports.

It is the quietest motor on the market, which also makes it a perfect choice for libraries, schools, museums, etc.




The main benefit of MDD motor is absolutely maintenance-free operation. There is no gearbox, no clutch, and no oil.

Due to these features, it has an extremely long lifetime (20 million Mean Cycles Between Failure) and withstands a rush environment in dust and humidity with millions of operation cycles.


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