Bike Parking

Enabling self service operation at the entrance of the bicycle parking and on the perimeter and allowing cyclists to park their bikes quickly and safely while securing the facility’s or company’s premises.

At a time when cities need to be more adaptable to account for increased
urbanization, digitalization, and sustainability, cycling is becoming an obvious commuting choice more than ever.

As the number of cyclists exceeds the current infrastructure’s capabilities and is projected to increase substantially over the next few years, the infrastructure, including bicycle parking, must be improved.

Using advanced speed gate technology, we make bicycle parking facilities more efficient and convenient. Our bike product range enables self-service operation at the entrance of the bicycle parking, allowing cyclists to park their bikes quickly and safely and securing facility’s premises. 

Three models are available, EasyGate SPT Bike, EasyGate SPT Bike Outdoor, and EasyGate Optical-Bike.

Advanced speed gates and heavy-duty fullheight turnstiles tailored for bicycle parking applications

Zero maintenance motor drive designed for 25 million MCBF

Detection system utilizing advanced optical sensors and induction loops

Self-service bicycle parking


1. The user identifies themselves with a designated credential or smartphone on the terminal integrated in the front of the speed gate cabinet or installed on the external post.

2. Once the user is verified and the induction loops detect the bike, the speed gate wings will open. Concerning the barrier-free EasyGate Optical-Bike, the user can pass the bike lane unobtrusively upon being verified. Additionally, dual identification is possible, where a simultaneous verification of the user´s credentials and an RFID tag on the bike is required. Also, only a bike tag can be used for the parking facility entry.

3. The speed gate wings stay open as long as the induction loops detect the bike.

4. After the user with the bike passes through the speed gate and the induction loops no longer detect the bike, the wings will close.



  • High bicycle throughput with up to 15[1][2], respectively 30-40[3] bike users per minute reduces possible congestion and queues
  • Zero-maintenance motor drive is designed for 20 million MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure)[1][2]
  • The special Z-shape of glass wings prevents the bike from being stuck[1][2]
  • The durable outdoor solution features IP 53 protection and strengthened cabinet construction[2]
  • High-precision optical sensors prevent any tailgating and crossover situations
  • Automated speed gate operation minimizes the strain on parking facility personnel
  • The induction loops are integrated into a designated ramp or installed in a concrete base


[1] EasyGate SPT Bike, [2] EasyGate SPT Bike Outdoor, [3] EasyGate Optical-Bike

Model ranges


EasyGate SPT Bike Outdoor


Specifically designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments, the EasyGate SPT Bike Outdoor speed gate does not require a shelter or canopy. 

It features IP53 protection and strengthened cabinet construction, resisting rain, snow, and humidity or temperature change.

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EasyGate Optical-Bike


Fashioned without glass wings, the EasyGate Optical-Bike offers unobtrusive security detection while facilitating faster bike throughput with up to 40 users per minute.

In the case of an attempted unauthorized passage, the barrierfree solution immediately triggers the alarm and alerts the bicycle parking personnel. This model is designed for locations with 24/7 surveillance.

Full-height turnstiles


The REXON range combines a full-height turnstile for pedestrian access with an integrated bicycle gate.

Heavy-duty construction, low-maintenance motor drive, and anti-corrosive finish make it well-suited for harsh outdoor installations, especially in the perimeter, where bike access is needed. However, it also fits the needs of the indoor application.

  • Designed for high-traffic conditions with minimal maintenance
  • Induction loops for enhanced security (ramp or concrete base)
  • A wide range of accessories and customization options
  • Two models are available, REXON ERA 3 GATE-Bike and REXON DEA 3 GATE-Bike
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