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EXI Badge, EXI Card & EXI 2

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The Card/Badge collector is designed to collect the visitor’s RFID cards or badges on exit. This device helps conveniently cope with the visitor management system and is capable integrating with any access control system. Also, the Card/Badge Collector is available in a stand-alone POLE, Tower or a built-in version.


The Card/Badge Collector is using the LED indicators to clearly display different states such as waiting, card accepted, card refused, full collecting box and blocked.

  • Visitors exit without need of receptionist/security staff
  • Capable to integrate in COMINFO turnstiles and speed gates
  • Easy implementation of any third party access control systems
  • Card return feature for EXI Badge and EXI Card types
  • High storage capacity
  • Elegant and slim design for POLE version

Collector version


  • POLE – stand-alone version with a capacity of 50 badges with clip holder (EXI Badge) or 150 RFID cards (EXI Badge, EXI Card, EXI 2), 168 mm stainless steel pole


  • TOWER – stand-alone version with an extended capacity of 800 RFID cards or 300 badges with a clip holder +LCD Screen with multilanguage navigation


  • BUILT-IN – integration of collector into the COMINFO turnstiles and speed gates (card capacity depends on turnstile model)


  • OEM – developed for integration into your devices

Three types



  • EXI Card – collecting RFID cards only, including return function, with optional signalization


  • EXI Badge – collecting both – RFID cards and badges with a clip holder; including return function and signalization


  • EXI 2 – collecting RFID cards only; without return function, with optional signalization


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