Airport Access

Physical access control products for all security zones in airports including automated border control and self-boarding gates

An airport is a place where the highest security level has to be maintained. There are different zones of secured access, high flow of people, especially during peak times, which should be considered by intelligent airport management.

COMINFO is offering a comprehensive secured airport access solution that covers all stages during departure, arrival, and operation involving passengers and operators.

Airport Security Zones

Airport Security Zones

Security levels derived from the international and national legislation of each country. COMINFO´s security strategy covers all important activities and provides a solution which increase the safety of passengers, employees and other users of the airport, as well as, creating a safe environment for the business activities of other entities.

It is important to monitor airport security zones. In addition to existing cameras our access control software can monitor movement and recognize unauthorized passages, tailgating or other events. COMINFO´s software provides centralized monitoring and remote control of security gates, speed gates and turnstiles.


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