Airport Access

A smooth passenger flow in all key touchpoints of the passenger’s journey

Facilitating and accelerating digital transformation towards smart airport

Recently, the airport industry has been experimenting with unprecedented changes that put airport operators under constant pressure to optimize their processes, curb security threats and cope with steady traffic growth while improving the passenger experience.


COMINFO leverages its efficient and streamlined access control solutions, which cover each of the passenger’s touchpoints to help airports adapt to new challenges.

A seamless passenger experience

Ingenious technology integration

Modularity and cost efficiency

Smooth passenger flow

Our airport solutions cover all key touchpoints of the passenger’s journey, adapting
to specific requirements and security measures of each location within the airport.


Pre-Security Control

With automated boarding pass control, passenger waiting time is greatly reduced, leaving them more time to spend inside the terminal and generating additional revenue for airport operators.

In addition to increasing passenger throughput, our solution supports airport staff for better customer service.

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Self-Boarding Verification

Automated self-boarding speed gates accelerate the whole boarding procedure, supporting ground personnel who can thus concentrate on individual passenger needs.

It also minimizes costly airline downtime and provides more comfort for passengers.

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Business Lounge Access

The premium range of speed gates offers quick and convenient access authorization for the most valued passengers. The automated identification of credentials increases throughput and prevents inconvenient waiting times.

It also relieves staff, who can focus on providing first-class service and premium assistance.

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Automated Border Control (ABC)


COMINFO e-Gate is specifically designed for automated border control management. It leverages the latest sensor technology and optimized algorithms to accelerate the immigration process, all whilst reducing the workload of border officials.

To further improve the border crossing time and passenger convenience, e-Gate has been carefully designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

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