EasyGate Superb

The slimmest, fully equipped speed gate in the world

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The new EasyGate Superb is an ultra-slim, fully customizable speed gate that is an ideal solution to access-controlled office buildings, schools, or government offices. We have managed to combine a slim modern design with the highest level of safety and security.

In a combination with lighting effects for a passage guidance makes this speed gate a piece of art. EasyGate Superb has been awarded the Bronze A' Design Award 2020 in Security and Surveillance Products Design Category by the International Design Academy.



  • Swing technology
  • 1 wing / 2 wings
  • Square front


Safety & Security Detection

  • 24 pairs of IR sensors
  • Safety & Security levels
  • Tailgating / Cross over detection


Special Feature

  • Wide passage lane
  • Arc Layout
  • Flag wing


Standard Materials and Colours

  • Frame black RAL
  • Covers brushed stainless steel
  • Top Lid black glass
  • Barriers tempered glass barrier panels (10 mm/0.39“)
  • Side Infill Panel tempered glass panels (6 mm/0.24“)


Operating Environment

  • Indoor

Stand-by Power Consumption

  • 22,6 W

Drive Mechanism

  • Fail-Safe
  • MCBF 5 000 000


Emergency Mode

  • Open automatically in the exit direction

Optional Accessories

  • RFID reader bracket (flush mounted)
  • Access Light / Lane Light / Passage Light
  • WAV player
  • Pressure sensing top
  • RF remote control
  • EasyTouch / TouchPanel / T-MON SW
  • SuperCap (emergency power back-up)
  • Alternative surface finishes / Optional top Finishes
  • Integration of LiftCall / Card collector / BarCode scanner
  • Ramp LT


Safety Sensors

Safety Sensors

24 pairs of Top and Bottom optical sensors for tailgating and crossover detection detect the movement of people to ensure security and safety. The EasyGate Superb is not only smart enough to detect a person, it also detects a person with luggage, a wheelchair or a pram.


Variable sound Alarms

Any sound or even a voice alarm can be defined. Visitors can be welcomed by a unique input sound or voice, and you can customize your alarm sounds with any corporate message. Customizable sound or voice alarms can be linked to any EasyGate Superb status.

Integrated Card Collector with Return Function

Integrated Card Collector with Return Function

The EasyGate Superb is the only speed gate on the market with such a slim design yet featuring the ability to integrate a card collector with a card return function. Upon request, a 3rd party card reader or barcode reader can be built into your EasyGate Superb.


Service and Maintenance

The EasyGate Superb has been built with long and reliable service in mind. A unique self-diagnostics mode enables remote access and control of the speed gate. Thanks to this feature, the EasyGate Superb will report maintenance cycles and any act of vandalism.


Inteligent light Guidance

Inteligent light Guidance

Coloured LED illumination of the top lid enables smart settings of light navigation on the EasyGate Superb. In addition to standard navigation functions, various lighting effects such as arrow, dots, blending colours can be set. The selection of colours is unlimited.


Customized Design

The EasyGate Superb can be customized according to your requirements. Any RAL colour can be selected. Various finishes such as brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel or bronze stainless steel can be selected. The cabinet top lid can also be customized in any color, with the option to personalize this with your company logo.


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