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Speed gates and turnstiles with any surface and in any colour. Fully equipped with technology and navigation lights in preferred brand colours. Fulfilling all requirements on functionality and equipment, in elegant sleek design.

We’re glad to consult customisation options with you. For an interactive designing process, we’ve developed an app with augmented reality — render 3D visualisations of multiple speed gates and turnstiles directly in your space, then choose the ones that fit the best.

Here’s our philosophy in detail — assorted in a handy brochure.


Download of Art of Security


Turnstiles in Augmented Reality (AR)


The turnstileART app allows you to easily create professional 3D renderings of COMINFO turnstiles in a real environment or on a white background.

You can instantly see and compare different turnstile models, simplifying your project preparation and making it easier to decide which model to choose. The Snapshot function allows you to share designs with colleagues or clients.


  • More than 10 turnstile models
  • Possibility to change the color or surface material
  • A wide range of other customizations (width and number of passages, the height of barriers, accessories, etc.)


BIM: Building Information Modelling


Information modelling is a design & building software that makes designing and construction way more effective.

BIM elements used in designing simplify decision making and reduce building costs. For all professions involved — construction workers, designers, architects, and others.

Go to respective product sites to download COMINFO’s products as BIM elements in Revit format (Autodesk Revit).

Effective Facility Management of Smart Buildings


Smart building management system consists of multiple subsystems, e.g. security and lift management. 

Our solutions run on advanced electronics and software, and integrating them with existing building management systems is fast and easy.

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