Surface Finish and Special Materials

Our speed gates and turnstiles are standardly made of stainless steel but we can clad them with other materials too — to fit your space perfectly, complement and uplift the overall design.

Our access control solutions can be plated with brass or other metals, they can be clad in natural or artificial stone, and even wood. Customised speed gates blend well with any interior.



Per customer’s request, we give our speed gates and turnstiles metallic plating — think patinated brass or steel, copper bronze, or black stainless steel. Pick any metallic surface and we’ll make your wish come true. The choice is near to unlimited, broadened by optional customised coating — performed separately or combined with special finishes. 

Having worked closely with industry-leading suppliers of metallic surfaces for years (Evans Turner, INNOMetal, Rimex Metals, Bradleys Metal Finishers), we guarantee flawless application and great longevity. Would you like to give your speed gates a touch of historic luxury or make them minimalistic, sleek and chic? At your service! For the National Theatre in Prague, we dressed our EasyGate SR speed gates in gold — which is in fact titanium nitride plating. The Flow Building, also located in Prague, is guarded by speed gates of patinated brass. 


Without a doubt, Corian is our most used man-made stone. It has many qualities: 

  • modern, elegant and chic look, 
  • it is firm and solid, highly durable and resilient
  • while being warm and pleasant to touch.  

Corian is made in numerous varieties — as an impeccable imitation of natural stone cladding and looking playful and slightly futuristic. Its colour palette (RAL) knows no limits. Corian is widely popular because it has no visible seams. Designers love Corian for its flexibility, its compactness and the fact it suits other materials very well — its combination with stainless steel and glass is evergreen.

Speed gates clad in Corian can be found in ReShape Fitness, Poland.


Natural stone is authentic, visually attractive and quite timeless, style-wise. Access control solutions clad in natural stone look good in any interior. Every stone is unique, has its original structure, specific colour and finish.  

For one of the architectural masterpieces of Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp in Sydney, Australia, we clad our speed gates with natural stone, matching the building’s stone floor and walls. Similarly, we manufactured marble-clad speed gates for the Messeturm skyscraper, located in the financial centre of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  


Natural wood is another timeless classic — it will never go out of fashion. The variations are limitless, from rustic rough-cut oak to sleek & elegant mahogany. Wood in interior design evokes cosiness, warmth and hospitality. With a touch of sustainable luxury.

We customised our speed gates with wood cladding for the office building in the Netherlands, making them look exactly the same as the front desk. The result is a seamless & compact wooden interior.

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