Turnstile & gate remote control application

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The TMON4 is developed to remotely control all the turnstiles and gates manufactured by COMINFO. This application enables viewing of current states, counters, errors and planning of the turnstiles and gates actions. Thanks to an intuitive Graphical User Interface, this application is simple to operate.

TMON4 provides advanced scheduling of actions for all turnstiles and gates. It enables grouping for clear recognition of turnstiles and gates. TMON4 application activates the sound alarm in a case of breach (climb over or crawl under), vandalism, tailgating and cross over.

The account management feature allows the administrator to manage the access rights of more users by different control functions and software settings. The application runs on Microsoft Windows.

  • Intuitive, Reliable, Adjustable, Secure
  • Clear audio-visual cues for alarms and control inputs
  • Reporting of current state
  •  Large number of controlled lanes
  • Enables grouping of turnstiles
  • Password Lockout when unattended
  • Central/local Emergency button
  • Passage counter with data export
  • Setting a custom background for each group

Passage scheduler

Passage scheduler is an optional application. This feature enables the creation of daily plans to control turnstiles and gates, with optional settings for the workdays, weekends and for individual days.   


A template can be assigned for these actions. Various parameters can be set for turnstiles such as turn on/off, free/blocked passage and more.

Modes of turnstiles


  • Standard Mode / Optical Mode
  • Free Passage Mode / Group Mode
  • Emergency Mode
  • Lock Down / Permanent Open
  • Free Exit/Entry / Lock Exit/Entry
  • Single Exit/Entry


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