Portable Ticket Verification

The versatile solution for convenient visitor authorization
and redeeming vouchers purchased as part of a ticket. 

The Scan2Go is a multipurpose solution that allows checking the passage authorization of a visitor´s ticket to a corresponding area and, in addition, also redeeming the vouchers for goods and services purchased together with the appropriate ticket.

The solution consists of the Scan2Go app, handheld terminal, communication protocol to import a database of tickets from ticketing systems, and optionally server PC or various handheld terminal accessories.

  • Modern interface to ensure the best in class user experience for the handheld operator
  • All the versions of available handheld terminals feature superior scanning capability, long working life, durability, and well-thought ergonomics for daily use in the field
  • The Scan2Go app supports the verification through both QR scanning and RFID technology, depending on the device used
  • High parameterization of the app´s backend module and settings to meet the specifics of each application

QR reader

RFID reader

Handheld terminal


Portable ticket verification 


The Ticket mode offers a reliable solution for portable ticket verification, typically in the leisure industry applications, such as stadiums, museums, galleries, and heritage sites. The solution is developed with scalability in mind and is suitable for higher volume usage during sports and cultural events and lower-traffic areas such as VIP lounges.

The visitor verification is smooth and easy; once the ticket is scanned, the app displays the ticket status, the operator confirms it, and the visitor is allowed to enter the secured area (upon successful authorization).


Redeeming vouchers


The solution also allows scanning the visitor ticket to redeem available vouchers via the Coupon mode. It is thoughtfully designed, for instance, to redeem vouchers for beverage samples during tasting tours in breweries and experiences during leisure facility visits.

Following the ticket scanning, the app shows a list of valid vouchers to be redeemed with an option, depending on the voucher type, to show additional information as the list of items for selection. After confirmation, an overview of selected vouchers is displayed for the operator.

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