About us

We do everything to make your employees or company guests feel safe and most welcome. Our brand offers a wide range of products, solutions and services for secure and smart access to corporate offices, airports, government institutions and manufacturing plants – to name a few. With COMINFO products you can control nearly all entrances. Simply and efficiently. 

Do you have specific requirements? We will be happy to fulfil your needs. A large part of our production is custom-tailored and there are really only a few things that we have never encountered in the field for decades. Thanks to a wide range of products and a worldwide distributor network, we are always at hand.



  • Broad product portfolio ranging from innovative speed gates to paid access solutions
  • Global sales and service network
  • Premium range of speed gates combining ingenious integration of smart technology with attractive product design
  • Custom-tailored solutions for miscellaneous sectors



It is vital for us to create trustworthy access solutions that provide seamless and safe visitor passage. That offer a serene and pleasant visitor experience through captivating and user-friendly product design. And that guarantee that your property and assets will always be protected.

We place the utmost importance on aesthetics and intuitive visitor guidance, ensuring that our products blend harmoniously into the overall architectural picture and efficiently streamline people flow within your propery.

Gone are the days of clunky access solutions being the eyesore of many corporate offices and public institutions. No matter the nature of your requirements, we make every effort to understand what matters to you as a customer, so that we can offer customized solutions that complement the environments they are protecting.