Entrance Control


Our portfolio includes speed gates, tripod turnstiles, swing gates, special application turnstiles, and full-height turnstiles and gates.

We provide entrances to office buildings, corporate offices, schools, government institutions, manufacturing plants, leisure centers, and airports.

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Safety & Security

High-precision sensor technology guarantees that access to secure areas will be granted only to authorised personnel.

Advanced Electronics

In-house built electronics enable you to swiftly process large-capacity information, allowing you to perform advanced operations remotely.

Innovative Software

Innovative software solutions that enable advanced product configuration, management, and diagnostics.

Customized Design


Whether it is a simple color match, a special finish, material, or a truly bespoke design, we can provide the perfect solution to suit your project.


  • Standard Surface Finishes

  • Special Finishes & Materials

  • Bespoke Design & Branding

Technology Integration


Our turnstile portfolio features the option to ingeniously integrate a number of in-house and third-party technologies into standard-sized cabinets, alternatively through an external bracket in the chassis of selected models.


  • RFID Reader, QR Scanner, Fingerprint Reader

  • Facial Recognition System

  • LiftCall Display

  • Visitor Card Collector


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