Solutions for Secure Access Control with Integrated Payment Terminals

Pay2Go Solution offers a convenient way how to make your premises both secure and profitable. It is designed to provide reliable access control which naturally decreases vandalism and mistreatment of facilities whilst avoiding an unauthorized and an unpaid access.

Cominfo paid access solutions stand out by providing high level of convenience and user- friendliness for visitors, and at the same time, allowing self-service and thus reducing operating costs for the facility operator.

It is an ideal solution for managing access to public conveniences and other areas in places with a medium to high frequency of visitors, such as petrol stations, leisure centers, restaurant chains, shopping centers and public transport stations.

Our offer recognizes specifics of each application area and various requirements in the level of a desired security and other product capabilities. Therefore, three different options are available to choose from – EasyGate SPA, BAR SPA, Door SPA

Scalable and Versatile

Cominfo always strives to offer a perfect solution which would meet growing security requirements and expectations for a seamless entrance. This philosophy is met with an idea to develop products, which would ensure their usability in various premises with an aim to lower overall operating costs of the customer.

Paid access solution offered by Cominfo comprises of three model ranges allowing to select the most efficient product according to the specific needs and goals of the customer. Product portfolio is categorized by their level of security, throughput, visitor comfort, payment options and optional accessories.

The economic solution is offered through a combination of DOOR SPA payment terminal and EasyScan W barcode scanner which is suitable for premises with a limited space and a medium frequency of visitors. You can level up with BAR SPA, an automated waist-height arm turnstile with built-in payment terminal, which provides an additional layer of security. The most sophisticated solution, EasyGate SPA, provides not only a maximum level of protection and convenience, but also speed and precision.

Regardless of which paid access solution is chosen, reliability, long product life-span and durability ensure high return of an initial investment and a regular stable income.

Pay2Go Application

Pay2Go Application

Accurate recording of customer flow, entrance fee setting and reporting and even monitoring is provided by an innovative Cominfo Pay2Go Application. It is accessible from any device within the facility network via web browser. All the reports, such as alarm conditions, notifications, visitor payments and general events are exportable to Excel, CSV and variety of other formats. Application is available for the whole range of Pay2Go products.

  • See all your transactions
  • Easily manage your product
  • Take advantage of comprehensive reports and analyses
  • Be immediately notified in case of security incidents


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