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Economic Paid Access Solution Suitable for a Limited Space

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COMINFO Door SPA terminal complemented with Cominfo EasyScan W reader is a compact and space-saving paid access solution that guarantees a sufficient level of security for premises with a modest number of visitors.

An emphasis to offer a product that overcomes limits of available space is strengthened through availability of wall-mounted and particularly flush-mounted version of Door SPA.

The automatic self-service purchasing process reduces possible staff workload and waiting times for faster facilities usage, provides instant and accurate reporting, and raises additional revenue.

The high-contrast colored display provides intuitive user guidance through a minimalist, well-thought interface, making the purchase process self-explanatory

Two product versions available

Superior scanning from any smartphone screen

Seamless integration with third-party systems and hardware

Door SPA Flush-mountedDoor SPA Wall-mountedDoor SPA Flush-mounted

Economic Paid Access Solution

EasyScan W


EasyScan W offers a convenient solution for user validation via BarCode / QR ticket. In addition, it also supports RFID technology which can be typically used for an employee entry to the restricted area via access card as it removes the necessity to print single-use tickets.

Thanks to its versatility and scalability, it is suitable both for individual access points and as part of a large system. EasyScan W can be seamlessly integrated with the Door SPA payment terminal which offers an efficient solution to manage access in premises with limited space and lower frequency of visitors.


Multiple payment methods


Coin validator with cashback is offered as a standard. However, while it tends to be a go to option for number of visitors, there are several other alternate and easy to use payment methods to choose from. 

Optionally, Door SPA can be equipped with contactless payment terminal, token validator or QR code and barcode scanner for a voucher redemption.



  • Multiple ticketing and payment options
  • Automated self-service for a fast and convenient access and low operating costs
  • Barrier-free solution allowing to leverage available space and individually adjust the flow of visitors
  • Cost-effective solution with a high return on an initial investment
  • Intuitive visitor guidance and user-friendly design
  • Advanced terminal management with innovative Pay2Go Application


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