Marble-Clad EasyGate IM at Messeturm Frankfurt am Main

Nicknamed “the most photographed building” by Frankfurters, the 257 metres high Messeturm is the second tallest building in Germany. This 1990s staple of the city skyline has gone through a reload recently. COMINFO is proud to have taken part in it.

The renovation placed high demands on design. All equipment had to be functional and yet a fitting visual element that would accompany the architectural masterpiece. COMINFO speed gates needed to blend with the the overall design of the luxurious entrance hall.

Helmut Jahn, the building’s original architect, supervised the renovation and worked alongside the newly onboarded interior designer Matteo Thun. We discussed the design of the speed gates with the architect at the very beginning of the project — he was especially thrilled when he heard we could clad our speed gates with marble to match the floors and walls of the lobby.


The monumental tower has three entrances — North, West, and South. All needed to be equipped with security gates to make sure no unauthorised persons get inside.



The Task


Our distributor for Germany, A&H Türtechnik GmbH, thoroughly discussed the project with the developer — Drees & Sommer. They presented us with speed gates requirements that had to be met:

  • speed gates don’t let trespassers through while being comfortable and smooth to use for authorised personnel,
  • speed gates should accompany and enhance the visual concept of the entrance hall,
  • all used technology should be greatly advanced — reliable card reader was required, as well as integration of the lift system and evacuation system.

There were two reasons why we chose COMINFO among other security gates suppliers. First reason was their reputation in the industry which spoke levels of their professional experience. The dealbreaker for us was the fact that COMINFO speed gates could be clad in marble — we hadn’t had a clue this could be done. Our architect was quite frankly fascinated by this possibility”, says Robert Wennel on behalf of A&H Türtechnik GmbH.

After careful consideration, the EasyGate IM was chosen as the most fitting speed gate model for Messeturm Frankfurt. We provided 12 EasyGate IM speed gate lanes for Messeturm Frankfurt. Both the North and West entrance were equipped with 5 passage lanes in total, 4 of them with standard 650 mm width and one wider (1,000 mm) for wheelchair access. The South entrance sports EasyGates with two 890 mm wide passage lanes. All EasyGates in Messeturm are higher than usual — 1.8 m which strengthens the overall security of Messeturm.

The Solution


EasyGates in Frankfurter Messeturm meet all the requirements for security speed gates Drees & Sommer had:


The biggest challenge when manufacturing EasyGates IM was the marble cladding which needed to be impeccable and of top-notch quality. Dressing the gates in marble presented some obstacles for our stonemason — embedding the Schindler lift displays in marble required most attention. It had to be done by hand with great precision and we even had to make a few adjustments to the displays. Marble cladding is accompanied by cabinet frames ​​with customised coating of Tiger Drylac DEORE618.



Based on our client’s request, we’ve made construction changes in the cabinet frames and cladding in preparation for a possible installation of biometric identification terminals.


Visitors of Messeturm are guided by light at the gates — we placed ourAccess Light accessory right above the card reader so that users know right away where to put their card. Apart from light signals, a sound announces whether entrance was permitted or denied. Integrated sound signalisation offers an endless number of sounds to choose from — an appreciated benefit in a buzzing lobby which generates a lot of various sounds and noises.

The Outcome


The developer describes his experience with COMINFO as very satisfying.

Everything was extremely professional, from the introductory consultations, which were really helpful to us, to the final installation. We appreciate that one can really see the quality of the speed gates at the first glance”, says Andreas Hanstein of A&H Türtechnik GmbH.


Excellency is achieved by paying attention to the tiniest details and it’s really satisfying to work with a business partner who shares the same mindset. In the case of Messeturm, we won the investor over by the marble cladding and then added finishing touches which were hidden in the details. For example matching the Wing Lights on EasyGate IM to the colour of the ceiling lights in the entrance hall. It all contributes to the feeling of modern luxury you get when you enter Frankfurter Messeturm. 


With regard to functionality of the EasyGate speed gates, the developer appreciates that the gates are reliable and very quiet – they don’t generate additional noise in the busy entrance hall. Hence, visitors of Messeturm get the perfect experience they expect when entering such a generous space.


EasyGate IM

EasyGate IM


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