Integration of Technologies

We can integrate our turnstiles with a number of hardware technologies and optional accessories, such as card readers and QR code readers, biometric terminals, LCD screens or emergency buttons.

We usually integrate the technologies directly into the turnstile body so as not to disrupt the product design. This method is called flush mounting. On the outside, the turnstile looks the same, but inside it is packed with all the technologies you need.

RFID reader


The RFID card reader is usually located directly under the top panel of the turnstile. From above, it can be accentuated with Access Light or a company logo so that visitors know right away where to scan the access card.

We can also install the reader in the front leg or from the side of the turnstile, which makes wheelchair access easier.

QR Reader


QR or bar code readers are integrated into the top panel or into the front part of the turnstile. With the reader backlight, the visitor can clearly see where to scan the code on their phone screen or printed ticket.


Break Glass Unit


Your turnstile can also be fitted with a button that is used to open the turnstile in emergencies. Such an emergency button is necessary in case of fire or any other emergency. For safety reasons, the emergency button is easily recognizable and accessible.

Lift Control


We link up the QR code or RFID readers in the turnstile to automatic elevator call systems, e.g., by the companies Schindler, Kone, Otis, ThyssenKrupp, or Mitsubishi. Once access has been granted, the lift arrives, taking the visitor only to floors where they are allowed entry.



This device for collecting visitor cards will be integrated directly into the turnstile, or it can be installed as a free-standing post. Visitors can insert used cards, including the holder and clip, into the card collector.

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