Integration of Technologies

COMINFO’s access control solutions integrate easily with many hardware technologies and accessories. Think RFID and contactless card readers, QR code readers, biometric terminals with identification by a fingerprint or face ID, LCD screens, and card collectors. At COMINFO, we equip our access control solutions both with our own technologies and third-party technologies.

For selected models, we use external technology holders. For other models, we flush-mount the technology in the speed gate’s cabinet. Flush-mounting is a very elegant method as it makes our access control solutions clean and sleek, with no exterior disturbance whatsoever.



Most often, the contactless RFID reader is placed under the top panel of an access control solution. Optionally, the reader can be illuminated with Access Light and branded with a company logo, as indication for the user to where to place their authorisation card.

RFID reader can also be set in the front column of the cabinet or on the side — a popular option for wheelchair access.



QR/barcode reader is integrated in the front panel or in the front column of an access control solution. Illuminated from underneath, it navigates users where to place their card, ticket, or phone. 

Advanced version of COMINFO’s QR code reader also reads contactless cards.



Distinguishable and easily accessible for security reasons, the emergency button opens the gate in case of emergency. Such as fire or other crisis.



QR code and RFID readers integrate easily with most automatic liftcall systems — such as the Schindler lift system, Kone, Otis, Thyssenkrupp, and Mitsubishi. After granting access to the user, the speed gate automatically calls them a lift, taking them just to the floor where their authorisation allows.



When visitors leave your premises, they simply insert their card in the card collector slot and are on their way. For selected models, cards don’t even have to be taken out of their case and can be thrown in the collector as they are, case clip included.

The card collector technology can be set into the speed gate’s cabinet or in a separate pole.

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