Visitor Guidance and Lights

Navigation lights help visitors or staff walk through the turnstiles. LED arrows on the front of the turnstile guide visitors to the right passage. Illumination of the wings, top panel, and other guidance technologies facilitate orientation while passing through the turnstile. The individual light elements can also indicate the turnstile status.

The turnstile lighting is also used to brand the area. Instead of the default white light, the turnstile illumination may come in your company colors. Everything can be easily adjusted to suit the customer’s request.

Access Light


Access Light is located in the top panel of the turnstile above the integrated RFID card reader.

In the stand-by mode, it lights up white and illuminates the area where the card is scanned. After verification, the color changes to green or red – depending on whether access to the secured area has been granted or denied by the system.

Lane Light


This is a navigation LED light in the shape of an arrow integrated in the front part of the turnstile.

It shows the visitor which turnstile lane to use. Lane Light also shows the turnstile status, while in selected models, access denied can be indicated by a red cross.

Wing Light


Wing Light illuminates the edges and brightens the wing surface to make them stand out in the setting and be clearly visible.

The light color also indicates the turnstile status. In the stand-by mode, it lights up white or in any color of your choice.

We can also set color blending or flashing. Your logo or any other graphic symbol can be placed on the glass wings.

Passage light


Passage Light indicates the turnstile status and helps visitors and staff pass through.

The glass top panel of the turnstile can be illuminated with LED strips along the edge. Following the visitor’s verification, the turnstile lights up green or red, indicating whether or not access is permitted.

The turnstile lights up white in the stand-by mode, but we can adjust the light to match your company colors. Colors may also rotate, change and blend.

Edge light


Similarly to the Passage Light, LED lighting located in the front part of the turnstile under the top panel navigates visitors passing through the turnstile and indicates the turnstile status.

The turnstile lights up white in the stand-by mode. When access is granted, it lights up green, while a red light indicates access denied. We will gladly change the light colors to suit your needs.

Sound signalisation

Sound signalisation

Sound signalization of speed gates and turnstiles. Even this feature is customizable! Literally, any sound signalization can be used for different operation modes of turnstiles and gates. E.g. any sound could be set when the speed gate opens or attempted unauthorized entry. 

Sound Signalization


The turnstiles also come equipped with advanced sound signalization.

Various sound effects can be set for the individual turnstile modes. Sound signals indicate to the visitor that access has been granted or that verification has failed.

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