Visitor Guidance and Lights

Lights that guide users through. Illuminated panels, swing wings, and edges enhance the aesthetic appeal of access control solutions, while making the passage through really convenient for the user. 

LED arrows on the front side direct the user to the right lane, illuminated wings, top panels and edges inform about the speed gate’s status, giving users a clue about what to do next.

Navigation lights enhance the overall appearance of access control solutions, make them blend with their surroundings well and/or showcase your brand colours if preferred. The colour palette for navigation lights is wide — choose literally any hue to complement your space and/or brand perfectly.

Apart from pleasing aesthetics, visitor guidance signalisation also boosts security of access control solutions. It has an informative function, too: illuminated elements can be set to inform about atypical situations.




Passage Light consists of LED stripes placed around the edges of the top glass panel. Passage Light informs the user about the speed gate’s status.

When a user is verified, Passage Light turns green in case of granted access or red in case of denied access.

By default, Passage Light comes in white colour, but it’s possible to manufacture it in basically any colour. Or multiple colours — which can switch and blend with each other, should you want to really spice the Passage Light up.

Use case: For the premises of T-Mobile in Prague, Czechia, we matched the Passage Light with T-Mobile’s signature magenta colour.



Edge Light is formed by LED lights placed at the front of a speed gate just under the top glass panel. Similarly to Passage Light, it navigates users through while indicating the speed gate’s status.

By default, Edge Light is white in standby mode, turning green/red for access granted/denied. All these colours can be customised to suit your needs and requirements.

Use case: Customised Edge Light illuminates speed gates at Agora Tower in Budapest, Hungary, and the Five Building in Prague, Czechia.



Lane Light is represented by a LED arrow placed on the front side of the speed gate’s cabinet and it directs the user to the right passage lane. A helpful feature, especially for speed gates that form multiple passage lanes among which users can easily get confused.

In addition, Lane Light shows the speed gate’s status; certain types can even indicate denied access (in such case, Lane Light changes into a red cross).

Use case: Speed gates with Lane Light are installed in the lobby of Prague Conservatory, a historical school of performing arts in the capital of Czechia.



Firmly set in the speed gate’s top panel, Access Light is placed directly above a contactless RFID reader, illuminating it from above. 

In standby mode, Acces Light is white and directs the user to the place-your-card-herespot. After reading the user’s card, the colour changes to green or red — for access granted or denied.

Use case: We supplied speed gates equipped with Access Lights for the Parkview Building in Prague, Czechia.



Wing Light gently illuminates the glass swing wings of access control solutions, making them noticeable in a very subtle way. 

Hand in hand with other navigation lights, Wing Light also indicates the gate’s status. Defaultly white for the standby mode, we can manufacture it any colour you wish — think multiple colours, blending colours, and even flashing Wing Lights. 

If you decide to brand the glass swing wings with your logo (or any other graphics), Wing Light enhances it even more.



Sound signalisation is a popular companion of navigation lights. Every status change can be assigned a particular sound from a wide audio selection. This is important especially in large lobbies with high traffic — where we recommend choosing the sounds thoughtfully, with regard to other sounds the busy entrance might be generating.

In addition, sound signals are a great tool to help the visually impaired get through the access control solution.

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