Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Speed gates and turnstiles available in various shapes and sizes fulfill every technological, design, and security requirement.

Dive into our portfolio of 20 speed gate models for secure and convenient access to office buildings, government institutions, airports, shopping centres, and more.

Access control solutions differ by technical parameters, levels of security, intended use (indoor vs outdoor), and also by design.

All that enables us to deliver the perfect speed gate (or turnstile) for any customer.


Variability of models


All our speed gate models can be manufactured with either round or square front, with opaque or transparent side panels.

Your speed gate of choice can be standard or ultra-thin, and in various sizes.



We say no to compromises when it comes to security and user convenience — that’s our motto. We elongate the passage for easy wheelchair access, parents with prams, and/or material suppliers.

Selected models are made with extra wide passage (1.5 m).

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