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Speed gates and turnstiles  in any colour and/or surface. At COMINFO, we understand the importance of matching functional equipment to the interior or to your brand colours. Be it marble floor, coloured walls, or your logo. Anything is possible.

Access control solutions are arranged in an arc, in a line or a semi-circle. Speed gates showcase your brand colours, and match the visitor guidance lights. Your logo is engraved in swing wings or printed directly on the speed gate’s cabinet. Have a look at what we do.



Put your company logo out there for everyone to see — instead of the well-known “place-your-card-here” symbol on the speed gate’s cabinet, protected against scratches and other damage by a glass panel. Illuminate the logo from underneath by LED lights which symbolise the gate’s statutes — access granted or denied, standby mode

Get inspired by our speed gates at the Vodafone building in Sydney, Australia.


Your corporate identity right at the entrance. Want to communicate your brand in a very subtle yet still distinctive way? Consider branding the gate’s swing wings

We either sandblast or engrave your logo on the glass wings — like we did in Agora Tower in Budapest, Hungary.


Make your brand colours an integral part of the first impression of your space. 

The colour palette for our speed gates and turnstiles is close to unlimited. Opt for an illuminated top panel to enhance your brand colours even more. 

The FLYEfit building in Dublin, Ireland, sports our speed gates in hot pink brand colours. Impossible to overlook!

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