Standard Surface and Finish Options

By default, COMINFO’s access control solutions are made of stainless steel with a brushed or polished finish. But that doesn’t mean standard speed gates and turnstiles have to be grey! We use powder coating to make our access control solution more colourful — choosing high-quality colour powders from internationally renowned suppliers such as Dulux and Tiger.

Powder-coating makes sure speed gates and turnstiles match their surroundings perfectly, complementing the colour palette of the interior or flashing client’s brand colours right at the entrance. 

We offer a large variety of colours to choose from in our standard and premium RAL colour palettes.



Neutral, sleek & chic. Standard brushed finish of our stainless steel speed gates is quite timeless. It’s known to blend well with any modern interior. 

Apart from its elegant appeal, the brushed finish has functional benefits for stainless steel, enhancing its general appearance and longevity. Brushed steel tends to repel dust — making impurities that cling to it less visible. Brushed stainless steel is rust-, damage-, and weather-resilient; its surface can be matted to various degrees, affecting its ability to reflect light.

Use case: Brushed stainless steel speed gates are present in  Aegean Business Lounge in Athens, Greece, and in Sky Park Offices in Bratislava, Slovakia. 


The visitor’s eye caught by a reflecting surface — an attractive interior element, often achieved by mirrors and glass surfaces. Or access control solutions in polished stainless steel.

The polishing process turns the steel into a mirror-like surface, making your speed gates stand out at first glance. Still a very durable and low-maintenance surface.


Powder-coated access control solutions are gaining momentum popularity-wise, as modern technology allows clients to choose any colour from the RAL colour palette. Match your speed gates with any interior element for the coolest design experience. 

Powder coating is a modern finishing technology for surfaces — it coats the surface with a protective layer that is aesthetically appealing. Modern-day powder coating is durable and resilient.

Use case: Speed gates with a matt white surface authorise access to the Five Building in Prague, Czechia, matching prettily with other elements around the entrance.

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