EasyGate SBG

Self-boarding Verification

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Acceleration of the boarding process and increased passenger comfort

The COMINFO EasyGate SBG allows passengers to board an airplane swiftly and in a safe and secure manner. Automated self-boarding verification relieves security staff of routine tasks so they can concentrate on passengers who need special assistance and support. It also helps to detect any invalid or counterfeit documents.

The optionally integrated biometric identification system further enhances the security level directly inside the gate. Through comparison of facial image data against the enrolled biometric data, the system guarantees that only eligible passengers can embark on their respective flights.

Furthermore, third-party devices such as a thermal imaging infrared camera, barcode scanner, and other media can be integrated as required. To provide a seamless, self-boarding experience, the EasyGate SBG has been carefully designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. With its sleek and elegant design, it fits in perfectly with various airport architectural environments.

  • Fast and secure identification of access authority through several mediums, including biometrics
  • Acceleration of the passenger boarding process
  • A durable and zero-maintenance solution with a reliable (20 million MCBF) motor
  • An ergonomic product design and intuitive user guidance help ensure a smooth passenger flow
  • Compatibility with all conventional biometric recognition systems
  • Reduced workload for ground staff allows them to devote time for special requirements
  • A space-saving and sleek cabinet construction
  • A modular design allows for greater deployment flexibility


  • Swing technology
  • 2 wings


Safety & Security Detection

  • 36 pairs of IR sensors
  • Safety & Security levels
  • Tailgating / Crossover detection
  • Full compliance with AEA standards and can be integrated easily in any Common-Use environment


Operating Environment

  • Indoor


Drive Mechanism

  • MDD motor drive with an external tooth brake
  • MCBF 20 000 000

Emergency Mode

  • Opens automatically in the exit direction
  • Optional pushthrough
Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

  • Boarding pass reader, Passport reader
  • Thermal printer
  • Biometric device, Thermal infrared camera
  • RFID reader
  • Lane light / Top light / Passage light / Wing light
  • WAV player


  • Thermal wrist sensor on Top lid
  • Ethernet interface
  • EasyTouch / TouchPanel / T-MON SW
  • SuperCap (emergency power back-up)
  • Emergency push button
  • Alternative surface finishes
  • Ramp LT


The cost-efficient version of the EasyGate SBG offers the same product parameters as a standard model. The speed gate cabinet is optimized to reflect various airport operator requirements.


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