Automated, rapid and secure border control solution

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The e-Gate solution is designed to enable fast and smooth security control for arrivals and departures at the border without the need for security staff.

This advanced solution brings a convenient, self-processing security check using facial recognition and biometric identification, a smart card reader for ID cards, ePassport reader and/or a fingerprint scanner.

This e-Gate also increases security at airport border control checkpoints and enables only authorized people access to secure areas. Moreover, this border control solution reduces the number of officers needed throughout the day.

  • A user-driven product design and intuitive operation offer maximum passenger comfort
  • Fast processing times ensures high passenger throughput, without compromising on security
  • Reduced workload for border officials
  • A durable and zero-maintenance solution with a reliable (20 million MCBF) motor
  • Compatibility with all conventional biometric recognition systems
  • A modular design allows greater deployment flexibility


  • Automated Border Control
  • Interlock technology (4 wings glass barriers)
  • Swing opening of glass barriers
  • Custom integration of any 3rd party equipment


Safety & Security Detection

  • 78 pairs of IR sensors per passage lane
  • Safety & Security levels
  • Tailgating / Crossover detection
  • Leftover luggage detection
  • 7" LCD Screen


    Material and Colors

    • Covers    brushed stainless steel
    • Cabinet base    stainless steel black RAL
    • Barriers tempered glass barrier panels (10 mm / 0.39“)
    • Side infill panel tempered laminated glass panels (10 mm / 0.39“)

    Operating Environment

    • Indoor

    Drive Mechanism

    • MDD motor drive with an external tooth brake
    • MCBF: 30 million

    Emergency Mode

    • Dedicated emergency (Fire alarm) input for automatic opening of wing barrier when Emergency signal is activated

    Optional integration

    • Smart card reader for ID card, Passport reader
    • Biometric device, Thermal infrared camera
    • RFID reader
    • BarCode scanner
    • Pole for CCTV camera
    • Lane light
    • WAV player
    • Wing light / Hinge capping
    • Pushthrough feature
    • EasyTouch / TouchPanel / T-MON SW
    • SuperCap (emergency power back-up)
    • Integration for industrial PC with brackets
    • Ramp LT



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