e-Gates at Ljubljana Airport

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is an international airport serving
the Slovenian capital. The airport operator decided to speed up and simplify passengers’ security control using automated border control e-Gates from COMINFO.

As a result, the airport reduces the workload for border officials, the immigration area security is greatly improved, and the authentication process is more pleasant for passengers.




COMINFO e-Gates completely automate the security check of passengers arriving outside the Schengen area. The whole security check takes only a few seconds and significantly speeds up the passage through the airport border control while reducing the workload for border officials.

Passengers present their travel documents on a smart ID reader and, upon successful identification, enter the mantrap, verifying their identity with a fingerprint and a facial scan. If everything is in order, the e-Gate will let the passenger through.


The e-Gate also makes life easier for passengers. Since the turnstile product design is space-efficient and lightweight, passengers feel safe and welcome and do not experience unsettling feelings when passing through.

We have thought of every detail when designing the turnstiles. For example, the travel document reader is positioned at a height and angle to make identification as comfortable as possible. The turnstile also communicates with the passenger, using intelligent visual guidance and acoustics. In addition, instructions on the e-Gate displays keep the passenger constantly informed about what to do at any given moment.



Several companies worked together on the project, yet everything went smoothly. The company Mi Line was in the position of the project contractor and chose our official distributor in Slovenia, ID Shop, to install COMINFO e-Gates. The biometric identification hardware and system for passenger processing, fully compatible with our e-Gate solution were deployed by Embross.

Installing turnstiles at airports is also often specific due to security standards and the need to restrict traffic as little as possible. However, thanks to our experience with similar projects, we fully complied with all the security measures, and e-Gates were delivered assembled to make the installation as fast as possible.




The e-Gate solution is designed to enable fast and smooth security control for arrivals and departures at the border without the need for security staff.

This advanced solution brings a convenient, self-processing security check using facial recognition and biometric identification, a smart card reader for ID cards, ePassport reader and/or a fingerprint scanner.

This e-Gate also increases security at airport border control checkpoints and enables only authorized people access to secure areas. Moreover, this border control solution reduces the number of officers needed throughout the day.

  • A user-driven product design and intuitive operation offer maximum passenger comfort
  • Fast processing times ensures high passenger throughput, without compromising on security
  • Reduced workload for border officials
  • A durable and zero-maintenance solution with a reliable (20 million MCBF) motor
  • Compatibility with all conventional biometric recognition systems
  • A modular design allows greater deployment flexibility

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