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The Midtown Centre commercial building in Brisbane on the east coast of Austria is one of the pinnacles of modern architecture. Its design by architects from Fender Katsalidis Architects takes into account the environment, health as well as security, ensured by our EasyGate SPT turnstiles.

Midtown Centre Brisbane

A true “covid-responsive” building


The coronavirus pandemic changed our approach to architecture. Workplaces in Midtown Centre are spaced at least 1.5 meters apart, there is a sufficient amount of fresh air flowing into the building, the air ventilation with UV filters captures viruses and bacteria, and many places are contact-free thanks to sensors.

This is also true for the entrance into the building, equipped by our EasyGate SPT turnstiles with swing wings. When a visitor or employee walks past the turnstile, the screen displays their allocated lift number and the lift arrives automatically. This prevents people from gathering around lifts and makes movement in the building more efficient.

Comfort and security for visitors


Turnstiles at the entrance are equipped with Wing Light (lighting of the wings) and Access Light (lighting of the area where the access card is scanned). This intuitively guides the visitor and makes the process easier. Two out of the six entrances are wider, designed to allow the safe passage of wheelchair users.

EasyGate SPT turnstiles are also equipped with 36 pairs of optical sensors that reliably detect any attempted unauthorized access. This eliminates so-called tailgating, i.e., a situation when an unauthorized person tries to walk through the turnstile by closely following an authorized person.

Custom design modifications


On the top floor we installed additional turnstiles with two entrances, painted completely white to better fit their surroundings. Besides card scanners, these turnstiles are also equipped with QR code readers.

All turnstiles are also equipped with patented brushless and transmission-free MDD motors; these are pleasantly quiet and feature low maintenance requirements as well as a long service life of a minimum 15 million cycles.

Emphasis on the environment


Midtown Centre has been designed to respect the environment. Originally, there were two old towers at the location that the investor decided to merge together, expand and modernise. As a result, 90% less construction waste was generated than if the towers would have been demolished and an entirely new building was to be built.

The construction was awarded a rating of 5/6 from the NABERS national certification organisation for energy efficiency and 4/6 for water management efficiency. Thanks to the modifications of production processes and product design, up to 99% of the material is recyclable. The EasyGate SPT turnstiles contribute as well, as their consumption is 2-3× lower than that of comparable turnstiles by other manufacturers.


Easy Gate SPT-G / SPT-R & SPTs-G / SPTs-R

Easy Gate SPT-G / SPT-R & SPTs-G / SPTs-R


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