The transportation company TransJakarta operates over 3590 buses and transports around one million people in the capital of Indonesia every day. There used to be long queues at the busiest transportation hub.

The company installed EasyGate SPT-R turnstiles that allow people to walk through faster and more comfortably and increase safety.


Millions of passages


When selecting turnstiles for the major transportation hub (CSW-ASEAN TOD), TransJakarta’s representatives opted for the EasyGate SPT-R model, which is an ideal solution for similar areas with high traffic. It is equipped with a patented brushless motor with a guaranteed service life of 20 million failure-free cycles.

The brushed stainless steel turnstile with glass wings was customized to suit the customer’s requirements – instead of the standard glass panel, a ticket terminal for ticket inspection was integrated into the top part of the turnstile.

Comfort for visitors


The turnstiles were designed with visitor comfort in mind. For example, some entrances are intentionally wider, allowing safe access to prams or wheelchair users.

The front part of all the turnstiles is fitted with LED lights navigating the visitors with light signaling. The green arrow shows the direction of the passage, while the red cross indicates that the entrance cannot be used at the given moment.

Smooth cooperation 


The turnstiles were completed and delivered within four weeks from ordering and installed on-site by our distributor Thano Technologies. We have provided turnstiles for 25 entrances so far, and the number is bound to increase in the future. 

The ticket terminal and software for ticket inspection were supplied by a third party and were integrated into the turnstile and put into operation in no time. To pass through the turnstile, passengers need to have a valid ticket, either in paper form or saved on their phone. There is, therefore, no need for bus station operators to employ ticket inspectors, and the risk of unauthorized access is reduced.

"CSW-ASEAN TOD is the biggest and busiest transportation hub in Jakarta. For that reason, the client needed adequate turnstiles that look well and ensure safe and comfortable passage to everyone, the elderly or disabled in particular.

In relation to the Covid pandemic, a contactless solution was requested. COMINFO met all the requirements. The client is also very happy about the ease of integration with third-party’s systems and the long service life of the turnstiles, which were designed for 20 million cycles," said Irwan Haryanto from Thano Technologies.


Easy Gate SPT-G / SPT-R & SPTs-G / SPTs-R

Easy Gate SPT-G / SPT-R & SPTs-G / SPTs-R


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