Full speed gate customization in Budapest´s multifunctional development

The EasyGate SPD speed gates in the Agora office center by Make Architects and HB Reavis are a materialization of project customization at a scale.

Cooperation with several stakeholders on the customer's side resulted in speed gates with a unique design and a wide range of identification options.


Special coating, branding and improved guidance


The speed gate covers were painted with Axalta special coating at the designer's request. This blends well with the black glass top panel and the contrasting white lighting on the top edge of the speed gate.

The wings of the speed gates were also illuminated, on which we
engraved the Agora logo. Visitor navigation is further facilitated by the Access light and a backlit arrow pointing to the speed gate lane that visitors or employees should use.

Several identification methods and seamless passage


Speed gate lanes are equipped with RFID and QR code readers and an integrated lift call system from Kone. Selected speed gate lanes were mounted with a post with a camera for biometric identification.

Based on the client's request, we've made construction changes in the cabinet frames so they are prepared for a possible extension of biometric identification.


EasyGate SPD-G / SPD-R & SPDs-G / SPDs-R

EasyGate SPD-G / SPD-R & SPDs-G / SPDs-R


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