Health resort Velké Losiny

Unipod turnstiles for a spa resort in Czech Republic

COMINFO has supplied BAR ONE turnstiles in the Therme Losiny for the first installation in the Czech Republic of the BAR ONE. This installation is in the covered outdoor as a main entry to this resort.
The BAR ONE turnstiles were chosen due to the limited space in the entrance zone, for the demands to have three lanes include one line for the wheelchair and the baby-carriage.

Czech Republic




Safety & Security detection
  • Emergency Drop Arm
  • Integrated disc spring brake
  • Go Call - visual entry invitation feature
  • Unobstructed passage including automatic reset

Drive Mechanism

  • Magnetic Direct Drive

Operating Environment

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor*
  • -25°C to +60°C / -13F° to 140°F *

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