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Full-height turnstiles as a perimeter protection

Installation of double Rexon turnstile with gate to control and monitor access from the staff car park, located outside of an area of the main building entrance. Within the installation of access system were installed interior and exterior turnstiles. Turnstiles along with the supplied software are a complex solution for controlled movement of employees on the company's premises. Turnstiles ensure the controlled and secured entrance of employees without the need for a security guard presence. 

Czech Republic




REXON DEA has a robust high-quality full-height construction with a canopy. Ideal full-height turnstile for high-security applications. The anti-corrosive surface of all components and high-quality final finish guarantee long durability and reliable operation not only in indoor environments but also under harsh and extreme conditions of outdoor installations.


Available in different versions:

  • Barriers can be manufactured with straight arms or "U" shaped arms (Single version)
  • DUO versions for double passages and multiple lanes
  • Optional gate for passage with a bicycle of moving large items.

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