EasyScan W

The EasyScan W reader is used to authenticate people using a QR code or contactless card conveniently. Thanks to the practical LED lighting, audio signaling, and clear symbology, it is very easy to use. 

It is versatile and comes in handy wherever you need to authenticate visitors. For example, it can be used as a ticket reader at cultural and sporting events, or in combination with the Door SPA payment terminal to handle paid access to toilets.



The reader is designed so that the visitor knows exactly what to do. Simple symbols guide them to attach a barcode or contactless card, and an audible signal and an LED indication confirm the ticket validity or entry authorization.

In addition, the reader decreases and increases the LED backlight brightness according to the ambient light intensity, making it easier to use. With its wide scanning angle, it quickly reads supported barcode types and QR codes from the smartphone screen as well as paper tickets.

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The EasyScan W reader has a glossy glass surface and a modern design.

The appearance may be adapted to your needs to fit unobtrusively into any space. The print under the reader glass pane may be provided with your logo or corporate colours to support your corporate identity.

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