Smart Ticket Verification

The miniTicket is an innovative access solution that provides smart ticket verification by scanning QR codes or by RFID technology. The miniTicket integrates easily with any ticketing system.

Additional ArenaAccess communication protocol makes the system run independently on the ticketing server – miniTicket verifies tickets even if the server is experiencing technical difficulties.

miniTicket solution


The access solution combines an industry-leading access reader EasyScan W and an access control unit.

The standard EasyScan W reader reads a barcode or a QR code from any phone screen or from a printed ticket. Its advanced version – the EasyScan W/RFID reader, verifies tickets using RFID technology.

Up to 4 readers can be assigned to one miniTicket control unit. Both devices are water and dust resistant, suitable for outdoors and in any weather.

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Interface options


The miniTicket solution communicates with a ticketing portal through a standard online interface or using the additional ArenaAccess communication protocol. ArenaAccess makes the system available and functional, even in the event of technical issues (e.g., ticketing server malfunctions).

Smart Reader


EasyScan W is easy and intuitive to use. It confirms ticket authenticity with both visual and acoustic signals.
The modern and sleek design fits into any space and can be customized to blend into its surroundings or accentuate a brand’s visual identity.

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