The Future of Bike Parking Solutions

Eco-friendly transport is the way to go. In many countries, sustainable commuting is becoming mainstream and predictions only expect this trend to grow. With more and more people converting to bikes, urban infrastructures need to adapt. 

Cities all around Europe are building safe lanes for cyclists and are on the lookout for easily accessible (and well secured) bike parking solutions

This is where cutting-edge technology saves the day. It allows for efficient and more convenient bicycle parking. Modern bike parking solutions — speed gates and full height turnstiles — let cyclists park quickly and safely on company’s premises, while preventing unauthorised entrance.

Have a look at the benefits of our indoor and outdoor bike parking solutions. For companies, business parks, public facilities and more.

Self-Service Bike Parking Solutions


Automatic bicycle detection system is based on advanced optical sensors and induction loops to detect bicycles. A speed gate opens once it identifies the user through designated credentials or their smartphone, and at the same time, a bicycle is detected. Dual identification gets even more secure as it combines user verification with a RFID bike tag

To make sure no cyclists get stuck in the gate when it closes a second too soon, the wings of the gate only close when its detection system no longer detects a bike in between the wings.

Bike Speed Gates


EasyGate SPT Bike guarantees passage speed of 15 cyclists per minute, and its 25 MCBF (Mean Cycles Before Failure) motor drive requires zero maintenance. Its outdoor variant EasyGate SPT Bike Outdoor withstands harsh weather conditions without requiring a canopy or other shield.

Easy Gate Optical-Bike offers even faster bike throughput (40 cyclists per minute) and is designed for places with 24/7 surveillance.

Full Height Turnstiles


Pedestrian access gate and bicycle gate in one. For indoors and outdoors — REXON ERA 3 GATE-Bike and REXON DEA 3 GATE-Bike face all weather conditions thanks to their heavy-duty construction and anti-corrosive finish. With a wide range of accessories and customisation options.

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