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Controlled and monitored outdoor access

Installation of REXON ERA 3 / REXON ERA DUO 3 turnstiles and Gate ERA to control and monitor access on the perimeter of the site. All turnstiles are monitored via our TMON2 software at reception and can be controlled through the desk mounted Touch Panel controller.





Bi-directional motorized full-height turnstile with an electronic access control system. The 120° openings ensure comfortable, easy, and safe access for pedestrians. The sophisticated control electronics enable easy setting of its operating modes and provide communication with all types of access control systems.


Available in different versions:

  • Rexon ERA 3 = barrier with 3 arms
  • Rexon ERA 4 = barrier with 4 arms
  • DUO versions for double passages and multiple lanes
  • Barriers can be manufactured with straight arms or "U" shaped arms
Gate ERA

Gate ERA

GATE ERA is a bi-directional motorized full-height gate designed for interior and exterior. It is an addition to full-height turnstiles Rexon ERA.

GATE ERA creates controlled access for passages with bicycles, carrying large items, or for evacuation purposes where full-height turnstiles are installed.


GATE ERA is available in different variants with different arms, including DUO (double) versions.


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