Paid Toilet Entry Secures the Space and Generates Significant Income

A restaurant can be evaluated by just looking at its toilets, they say. This applies also to shopping centres, wellness & sports facilities, and other places with high concentration of visitors.

That said, keeping the toilets clean, shiny and odour-free is not for free. Paid access solutions, such as speed gates and turnstiles, generate significant income that can cover a good chunk of maintenance costs.

The Payoff of Paid Access Solutions

The initial cost of a paid access solution pays off fast. The math is easy: multiply the average visitor number by the toilet fee.


Example of income generated by a paid access solution:
 Users€0,70 / Person

As a gesture of gratitude toward visitors, paid access technology could issue coupons for customers to use later (at checkout). A widely popular solution at gas stations throughout Europe — it motivates users to spend some extra money at your venue.


Examples of income generated by paid access solution (coupons):

50% of visitors don’t use the coupon

Fee €0,70/Person

50% of visitors do use the coupon

Average spend €3
Total Income

COMINFO, a Czech manufacturer of hi-tech speed gates and turnstiles, confirms that when it comes to paid toilet entry, the return on investment is exceptionally good. “You get the investment back in just a few months. Our experience from the Czech Republic says about four months for an average shopping mall. After that, paid access solutions start generating income — which can easily be around 25,000 EUR a month! Even more in large shopping centres. That’s a significant financial contribution that easily covers water & electricity consumption, heating costs, along with other maintenance costs, including human labour and cleaning products,” says Martin Tischler, Sales Director at COMINFO.

Keeping Toilets Safe & Secure

Secured toilet access is especially desirable in places with high traffic. Without it, the space can become way too frequented or serve as a shelter for some of the less fortunate.

Paid access turnstiles and speed gates are equipped with optical sensors that detect any attempt at unauthorised (=unpaid) access, be it tailgating, climbing over or under — an alarm is run at every trespassing attempt. Speed gates and turnstiles can even send an alerting message to their administrator (via complementary administration app).

Types of Paid Access Solutions

There are various paid access solutions on the market — choose one according to your required level of security and user convenience. For places with dense traffic, consider speed gates with glass wings. Their MDD (Magnetic Direct Drive) motor guarantees low-maintenance and extreme longevity. In addition, speed gates are wide enough to grant smooth and self-serviced access to visitors with prams and wheelchair users.

Other popular paid access solutions are bar turnstiles and payment terminals (very economical & space efficient).

The BAR SPA turnstile (by COMINFO) with 1 or 3 turning bars.

When it comes to the actual payment, the most user-friendly approach would be offering a variety of payment options. Apart from a coin validator (preferably with cash back), get a contactless payment terminal. To enable free passage for staff, consider getting a contactless card reader.

Optional technology for paid access solutions: a token validator, QR code reader, or a printer that issues coupons for users (which they can use when paying for purchased goods or services).

Speaking of the disabled, industry-leading paid access solutions can be equipped with a VPN transmitter that reads the user instructions to a visually impaired person. This way, even blind people can pass through without having to ask for help (or you can set the entrance as free).

​​Paid access solutions enable remote transaction & event monitoring (for an individual turnstile/speed gate or for an entire set). Detailed statistics included.

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PR and Communication:Jakub Vičí