Redesigned EasyGate SPT/SPD: More secure and more functionalities

The beginning of the year witnessed the rebirth of our bestselling speed gates, namely EasyGate SPT and EasyGate SPD. Apart from giving them a sleeker and more stylish appearance, we upgraded our EasyGates with new functionalities and security features.

The EasyGate family also welcomed new members — we expanded its model range with shorter versions of EasyGate. EasyGate SPTs and EasyGate SPDs are ideal for areas with limited space and come both with round & square fronts.

Augmented Design


With a few subtle tweaks in the outer construction, our EasyGates became even more elegant. Integrated Card Collector and Lane Light navigation are now frameless, and Passage Light lightning sports a narrower profile.

We also improved the exterior by hiding lock covers and narrowing the S-beam sensor covers. New Ramp LT is a better fit, overlapping the cabinet contours by only 5 mm.

Increased Security


For even higher protection, we lowered the bottom edge of the glass wing — its edge reaches just 230 mm above the ground, reducing the space underneath the wing, thus preventing unauthorized access.

The glass wing is now optionally available in a Flag shape, further enhancing overall security.

PR and Communication:Jakub Vičí