EasyGate LC Speed Gates Aiming High at Varso Tower

The tallest building in the EU to date, Varso Tower reaches to breathtaking 310 metres and boasts of 70 000 m2 of office space interspersed on 53 floors. This dominant of the Polish capital outgrew financial centre skyscrapers in Frankfurt am Main and even London’s The Shard.


The grandiosity of the highest point of Warsaw’s skyline reflects in the entrance hall which is open to the public and symbolises a lively square in a modern European city. Interrupt your busy schedule and stop for a few minutes to admire the 10 metres high artwork from renowned Polish artist Krystyna Kaszuba-Waclawek, or unwind in the shade of green trees growing in the very lobby.

EasyGate LC speed gates complement the design of the entrance hall, while still being a functional and reliable security feature. We installed two sets of EasyGate LC speed gates in the lobby — with 4 gates in each set, one of them being wider and suitable for wheelchair access and prams.


COMINFO turnstiles were chosen for the Varso Tower project by the Polish developer HB Reavis. Our Polish distributor DFE Security has previously worked with them on similar large-scale projects - for example, Postepu 14 and West Station in Warsaw or Gdanski Business Center. This was not the first cooperation with HB Reavis directly for COMINFO either - we had already met on the Agora Office Center project in Budapest.



High Demands on Technology and Design


Thousands of people walk through Varso Tower daily and only authorised personnel are allowed to get past the entrance hall. EasyGate LC speed gates verify the identity of every visitor — security is naturally the key concern in such a vast building. That said, aesthetics don’t fall behind. Impeccable design is also a high priority and attention needs to be paid to all features.

In cases like Varso Tower, our Art of Security philosophy materialises — it allows us to prove that security speed gates are not just a functional but a valid design element as well.  We customised EasyGate LC speed gates to make them compliment the space visually and please the eye side by side an artistic masterpiece and living trees. We paid great attention to details — e.g. to the colour of the speed gate cabinet. We made coating samples for the developer to choose the perfect shade.



To test and verify the reliability of EasyGates LC in real traffic, we made a one lane demo set for Varso Tower. Our Polish distributor took care of the installation on site and tested it thoroughly. Based on the findings from the test run, we made a few tweaks in the final production. EasyGate LC in Varso Tower are equipped with a contactless card reader, a QR code reader and can be controlled remotely via Touchpanel.


We placed a guiding Access Light right above the card reader so visitors can immediately see where to put their card. Authorised or unauthorised access is announced by both a sound and a light signal. EasyGate LC speed gates are integrated with the lift control systemby Schindler, display included. The speed gate system automatically calls a lift for the visitor and programs it to stop on the exact floor the visitor is headed.

Eco-friendly Speed Gates Save Money and the Environment


Varso Tower hold two prestigious certifications:

  • BREEAM Outstanding: the highest level of buildings certification for meeting high standards of sustainable development,
  • “green standard” WELL Building for healthy environment in office spaces.


EasyGate LC speed gates are a valid contribution to the overall sustainability of Varso Tower as they’re one of the most energy-efficient speed gates on the market. We fully support the developer’s vision which prioritises reducing the environmental impacts of construction. We’re proud to have left our mark on a project that actively minimises its own ecological footprint. It helps us fulfill our vision and confirms our position as the trendsetter in our line of business.

Here’s What Our Business Partners Say


Apart from the already mentioned HB Reavis and DFE Security, several other suppliers worked on the project — Schindler on behalf of the lift system and Foster&Partners architects to name a couple.

“Project of such a scope required the most professional coordination. Tight deadlines had to be met. COMINFO completed their tasks in time, didn’t stumble just once,” says responsible for the project Maciej Medyński on behalf of DFE Security.



In a very short time, we had to present the developer with sample cabinet surfaces in required shades. We produced a demo speed gate set for on-site tests and had it installed — here a big thank you for the perfect organization of DFE Security.

Based on the test-run results, we supplied customised speed gates in required quality and number. We delivered in time and without any hiccups. After all, we could rely on our previous experience with skyscrapers — in case you didn’t know, Petronas Towers, once the world’s tallest buildings, also bear our mark.


EasyGate LC

EasyGate LC


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