100 Mount Street in Sydney: EasyGate SPT with biometric identification

More than 2,000 people are granted access to restricted areas with just a wave of their hand. The tallest building in North Sydney, 100 Mount Street, verifies personnel and visitors with the latest technology — the IDEMIA MorphoWave biometric scanner.

We customised our EasyGate SPT speed gates to fit IDEMIA’s ingenious devices perfectly, while not compromising the sleek elegant design of the speed gates.

Built in 2019, the 100 Mount Street is a distinctive addition to the growing business district in North Sydney. It welcomes all visitors with an impressive high-ceiling entrance hall and offers 42,000 m2 of thoughtfully designed office space, spread over 35 floors.

Similarly to our other high-profile office buildings projects, COMINFO speed gates needed to blend well with the interior and meet high interior design demands.


Wave & Go


EasyGate speed gates were installed at 100 Mount Street in 2020/2021, in an unfortunate pandemic period of time. To conform the omnipresent emphasis on hygiene and satisfy an elevated demand for contactless acces solutions, IDEMIA came with a unique access control technology. Verifying people’s identity with just a wave of their hand. Completely contactless and 100% hygienic!

Centaman Entrance Control, our distributor for Australia, got in touch and suggested customising our EasyGate SPT to accommodate the IDEMIA MorphoWave biometric scanner. We eagerly jumped on this task. To achieve the most elegant and design-conscious solution, we decided to flush-mount the scanner in the cabinet of the speed gate.

EasyGate Customisation


COMINFO designers had to lengthen the EasyGate’s cabinet to fit the MorphoWave scanner in. We can proudly say we’re the world’s first speed gates manufacturers able to flush-mount this biometric technology right into the body of the speed gate!

As terrific as it undoubtedly is, the biometric wave-of-a-hand identification solution should not overshadow other design elements of the EasyGate SPT speed gates. Such as glass front and side panels of the EasyGates. They complement the lobby of 100 Mount Street perfectly — namely its 9 metre tall glass wall. This is one our strengths — we place high emphasis on design and tailor our solutions to suit their surroundings. Modern technology needs to be practical and functional, but it can also be beautiful, even artistic.

Other Outstanding Functions


Our EasyGate SPT speed gates are equipped with advanced functions that make them the true speed gates of the 21st century.

Such as:

  • The front panel of the cabinets has a built-in contactless card reader for visitors who don’t identify via biometrics.
  • Speed gates are integrated with KONE lift system, display included.
  • We added Lane Lights and Wing Lights on the front and side panels of the gates.
  • Distinctive sound signals announce granted and denied access.
  • Speed gates can be controlled from the Front Desk via EasyTouch remote control console.
  • The Magnetic Direct Drive motor guarantees extreme longevity (25 mil MCBF = Mean Cycle Between Failure).
  • A must-have is a wider lane for wheelchair and pram access.
  • Advanced optical sensors automatically detect tailgating and crossover attempts.

Client’s Report


Centaman Entrance Control, our Australian distributor, confirms that our solution is highly appreciated by the architects of 100 Mount Street building. They sent us their regards:

“What made Centaman Entrance Control stand out was their design capacity and flexibility to seamlessly integrate third party systems to suit brief requirements. The customised speed gates look great and fit the quality feel of the ground floor lobby”, says Simon Zou, Senior Associate of Architectus and Skidmore, the creative minds behind 100 Mount Street.

Most importantly, the feedback from people who actually use our speed gates daily is nothing but positive. Employees of the 100 Mount Street report that using EasyGates is frictionless and hygienic.

Also note: Customised speed gates for premium office buildings are pretty much our speciality. Here’s how we clad our EasyGates in marble for the Messeturm in Frankfurt, Germany.


Easy Gate SPT-G / SPT-R & SPTs-G / SPTs-R

Easy Gate SPT-G / SPT-R & SPTs-G / SPTs-R


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