Bespoke Speed Gates: Fulfilling the Architect’s Vision

Impressive architecture requires impressive interior design. Bringing the architect’s artistic vision to life is influenced by many aspects, and even the smallest details matter. High-profile modern buildings aim high — their overall impression is meant to be nothing less than stunning. Plain access control technology could easily impair that.

Visitors of an architectural masterpiece should be left in awe right upon entering. At COMINFO, we fully support the emphasis on interior design by customising our access control solutions.

With 30+ years of experience and as one of the industry-leading experts in modern access control technology, we tailor our products to fit their surroundings beautifully. We even have a fitting name for our approach: The Art of Security.


Following this philosophy, we adjust most of the prominent features of our speed gates and turnstiles — we go way beyond customising just their shape and surface. Architects and interior designers are thrilled to hear that!

Cabinet Shape & Surface


Shapes are the core of architecture; we pay great attention to every curve. Our speed gates come with a square or rounded front; they can be ultra-thin, with flag-shaped wings, or manufactured in bespoke shapes, per architect’s request. Arranging speed gates in various formations brings interesting outcomes structure-wise — such as in the Dominion Tower by Zara Hadid Architects (pictured left).

Brushed stainless steel is the standard surface of our speed gates — but it’s never a limitation. Our access control solutions can be clad in marble and other stone (natural or artificial, e.g. Corian), or in wood for a more natural feel. For the National Theatre in Prague (a historic building dating back to 1881), we supplied golden speed gates (which is in fact titanium nitride plating). For The Flow Building in Prague (designed by Chapman Taylor), we used patinated brass covers.

Even with standard stainless steel, you don’t have to accept its usual grey-bluish hues. By the means of customised powder coating, we produce speed gates in any colour from the RAL colour chart.

Building the Brand


Brand matters! When a building serves as representative premises for a company, the brand needs to be visible. Architects often face a challenge — to balance straightforward in-your-face branding and clean design. Subtle use of the company logo (tasteful but visible) is usually the best way to go. 

Taking into account various approaches to brand visibility, COMINFO offers various branding options. Instead of the traditional “present your card here” symbol, we can put the company logo on the front panel of the speed gate. In such a case, the logo is placed under the glass lid which prevents it from getting scratched or otherwise damaged. For an even subtler and more elegant branding, we engrave the logo into the glass swing wings.

Adjusted Lights & Sound


Guiding lights on access control solutions have multiple functions. They help build the brand (when set in company colours) and help  navigate the user through.

For COMINFO’s speed gates, all visitor navigation lights (Access Light, Wing Lights, Lane Light, and more) can be adjusted to not interfere with the building’s other lights — but still be distinctive enough to serve their original navigation purpose. To match the surroundings or subtly communicate the brand colours, we can illuminate the front panel of the cabinet with any colour hue.

To enhance the overall impression, we even customise the sound signalisation of our speed gates.

Technology Integration


Design-conscious appearance would be just an empty shell without trusted technology — the core of high-quality access control solutions. COMINFO’s speed gates and turnstiles are equipped with low-maintenance Magnetic Direct Drive motors that guarantee extreme longevity (25 mil. MCBF = Mean Cycles Between Failure). What’s even more important, integration with advanced access control devices is easy and quick, including third party technologies. 

QR code readers and contactless card readers are now pretty much a standard. That said, more advanced biometric readers identify users by just scanning their palm. As modern technology progresses and becomes interlinked, we integrate our speed gates with their building’s lift system and/or entire building management systems.

When incorporating access control technology, we never take our minds off the overall appearance of our solutions. We flush-mount the technology into the speed gate’s cabinet, hiding it out of sight (entirely or partially — in the latter case, we hide the technology’s main body with only the reader protrude if necessary).

Architect Your Turnstile


Visualisation is a great tool when it comes to design. That’s why we wanted to make it possible for architects to take the design of access control solutions into their hands. Literally — on their Android and iOS devices.

TurnstileART is an augmented reality app that renders high-quality 3D visualisations of turnstiles and speed gates. With convenient transparent background, easy to use in a visualisation of respective space.

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PR and Communication:Jakub Vičí