COMINFO Speed Gates Guarantee Smooth Passenger Flow at Airports

Airport access control has evolved a fair amount over the last few years. The ever-present emphasis on security still prevails; however, lately, it has gone hand in hand with more focus on automated, self-serviced, and smooth passenger flow.

Advanced access control solutions for airports guarantee both compliance with the highest security standards and a seamless passenger experience. They’re intuitive and comfortable to use while being reliable, low-maintenance, and compatible with the latest verification technology.

Airport speed gates by COMINFO are a savvy choice for modern & smart airports. Our portfolio covers all passenger touchpoints, facilitating pre-security control, granting access to business lounges, self-serviced verification of boarding passengers, and even automated border control.

All these qualities help streamline and speed up the flow of passengers at airports, relieving the personnel and airline crews of routine tasks — letting them perform tasks that cannot be automated, such as tending to passengers with special needs.

COMINFO Airport Solutions in General

Secure, reliable, easy to use — the main characteristics of our speed gates. Our Magnetic Direct Drive motor is guaranteed to withstand 25 million cycles before failure and requires little to no maintenance. Thanks to that, our speed gates ensure smooth passenger flow with a high user throughput. The MDD motor is unbelievably quiet in operation and very energy-efficient.

Our airport solutions can be integrated with any biometric identification technology. We’re ready to install biometric readers, scanners, and various third-party systems. To maintain the sleek & elegant design of our speed gates, we flush-mount the technology into the speed gate’s cabinet so that nothing protrudes.

The security features of COMINFO speed gates provide unrivalled recognition capability on the market — as they detect a tailgating person within 50 mm of the person in front.

Naturally, compliance with security standards is a given: COMINFO airport solutions are made exactly by the book and meet all the requirements of CUTE/CUPPS systems providers and AEA standards. To help airport managers optimise operations, COMINFO speed gates enable comprehensive data reporting.

Latest Addition to our Airport Portfolio: Compact Airport Speed Gate

Our newest airport speed gate provides all the general benefits of COMINFO airport solutions while being extremely space-efficient. In many ways! A smaller, more compact version of our standard speed gates, the new compact model takes up less space (on the floor) and leaves more space (for technology integration). A critical feature in today’s fast-evolving world of identity verification and modern technology.

No matter the smaller cabinet, we still managed to incorporate all 36 sensors in it. Also integration options aren’t compromised — the gate can be optionally equipped with a printer, passport/boarding pass readers of various kinds, an RFID reader, and more. For easier passenger navigation, speed gates can be accessorised with Passage Light and Lane Light (LED lights that guide the passenger through and also serve as a tasteful design element).

COMINFO Speed Gates at Tulum International, Mexico’s Newest Airport

The new compact speed gates have been installed at Tulum International Airport. Mexico’s newest air transportation hub commenced operations in December 2023 and it already showcases the latest addition to our speed gates family.

The smaller speed gate model is a great fit for locations where floor space is limited but requirements on technology integration are high. The integrated terminal (supplied by Embross) is equipped with a camera system on a moving mechanism which ensures the highest accuracy with regard to facial recognition.

The new speed gate modeI makes a perfect control point for all passenger touchpoints: pre-security check, self-boarding, border control.

PR and Communication:Jakub Vičí