Five Hottest Trends in Access Control

Discover the latest trends in access control: Design-conscious, energy efficient, and sustainably manufactured speed gates that authorize users with just a wave of their hand. They even call the lift automatically and take people to a designated floor. State-of-the-art speed gates.

Industry-leading speed gates are safe, secure, and convenient to use, while complementing the space around them. Perfect for office buildings, sports and entertainment facilities, large transportation hubs, university campuses, government & public buildings and more.

Customisation and Modular Design

Apart from being reliable and secure, advanced access control technology fits its surroundings visually and blends with the interior design seamlessly. Matching up the building’s aesthetics even in the smallest detail. 

Speed gates dressed in marble, in line with the floor and walls. Guiding lights (access lights, wing lights) in the same colour spectrum as all the other lights in the lobby. Sound signalisation that is meticulously picked to be distinctive enough but not clashing with various different sounds from the bustling lobby.

One of the best examples of a luxurious access control solution are our marble-clad speed gates at Messeturm — a skyline staple of Frankfurt am Main. Our EasyGate speed gates complement the renovated entrance hall beautifully. Apart from marble and other types of stone, we clad our speed gates with wood or corian, brand them with the company logo, and customise them however the customer wishes to. Here’s our case study of Messeturm Frankfurt >>

Integration with Other Technology

Smooth customer experience, easy management. Access control devices integrated in the building’s management system are the way to go. Modern speed gates come equipped with all the necessary technology and also allow for seamless integration with third-party systems. This quality is key as investors, architects, building managers and other professionals all have various requirements on access control. Speed gates that could not accommodate the preferred technology are quickly dismissed.

Taking our EasyGates as an example, they offer seamless integration with any technology. We implement common lift systems into our speed gates on a regular basis (Schindler, KONE, OTIS, ThyssenKrupp and more) — the lift for a user gets called automatically upon passing through the gate. The system even recognises which floor the user is going to and sends the lift there.

Lift systems are just the tip of the iceberg, though. Our speed gates are ready to connect with advanced building management systems and the latest authentication technology (RFID readers, QR code readers, biometric readers). This wholesome approach brings another benefit to building managers: thorough monitoring and reporting.

Contactless Authentication Solutions

Modern society had already been quite germophobic even before the recent pandemic and with Covid-19, the demand for contactless access solutions skyrocketed. Safe & secure, hygienic, and convenient for the user, industry-leading turnstiles and speed gates are able to verify users’ biometric features. Such as in North Sydney’s dominant — 100 Mount Street where users are allowed through by just a wave of their hand.

By the way, flush-mounting the IDEMIA MorphoWave biometric scanner into the cabinet of our EasyGates makes Cominfo the world’s first speed gate manufacturer to do so!

Improved User Experience

Security is still the number one concern when it comes to smart access solutions, yet emphasis on user convenience is gaining momentum. People coming into a guarded building on a daily basis appreciate the ease with which they are verified and let in. Their ID is in the palm of their hand, quite literally. 

EasyGate speed gates navigate the user through by thoughtfully designed access lights, lane and wing lights. Apart from visual signals for free/denied passage, the EasyGate speed gates guide the user also by sound signalisation. The smoothest user experience is topped off by the gates’ reliability — optical sensors make sure the wings don't close on the authorised user, while the low-maintenance magnetic direct drive motor guarantees extreme longevity with no system failures (25 Mil MCBF = mean cycles between failures).

Nevertheless, making passage easy for the user doesn’t mean decreased security standards. Quite the opposite! Especially in skyscraping landmarks like the Varso Tower (the tallest building in the EU), the emphasis on security is as high as ever. 

Top-notch speed gates won’t let any trespasser neither through nor over or under. Pressure sensors detect any attempts on climbing over, optical sensors prevent tailgating, passage height can reach up to 2,200 metres, with opening wings being so low no one is able to crawl under.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

These two are not just trends for companies — they’re often a necessity (advocated for by environmentally conscious regulations). Advanced access control solutions need to be sustainably produced and of low energy consumption. 

For us in Cominfo, sustainability and eco-friendliness are at the forefront of everything that we do; doing things differently has never even crossed our minds. It’s the company’s and also our personal concern. 

EasyGate speed gates have actually the lowest power consumption in the industry in standby mode. Regarding our production, we make sure our supply chain stays within our region and we utilise renewable energy sources.

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PR and Communication:Jakub Vičí